Python mailing list/usenet bridge.

Barry A. Warsaw barry at
Mon Nov 27 16:10:35 CET 2000

>>>>> "SB" == Simon B <sbrunning at> writes:

    SB> The Python mailing list/usenet bridge seems to be down at the
    SB> moment, and has been since last Wednesday. Any have any idea
    SB> who to contact in order to get this sorted?

The problem is that news gated from the mailing list at
(i.e. CNRI) is sitting on CNRI's internal news server.  There's some
kind of logjam preventing those messages from propagating upstream to
uunet and thus to the rest of the world.

We sent messages to CNRI's sysadmin staff before the US Thanksgiving
holiday, but the problem persists.  I sent another message this
morning.  Hopefully someone inside CNRI will get this working again.

The messages are likely /not/ lost.  As soon as the constipation is
cleared, those messages should deluge comp.lang.python.  Enjoy!


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