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Samuel A. Falvo II kc5tja at
Mon Nov 6 03:25:01 CET 2000

On Sun, 05 Nov 2000 22:54:26 GMT, Tom wrote:
>For me to use one of the other servers on your list seems like a good (easy,
>fast) way to go, but I wonder if the problems I'm having with
>'' might apply to all @home news servers.  Do you know
>the answer to this?

This is true of any and all news servers.  Due to the way NNTP propegates
messages, it's all too easy for a message to expire on one server before it
gets propegated to the next server in the chain.  There isn't any central
NNTP server anywhere, and it's fully peer-to-peer, so it's literally
*impossible* to guarantee full quality of service with NNTP.

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