wxPython 2.2.2 demo crashes

Robin Dunn robin at alldunn.com
Wed Nov 1 19:34:29 CET 2000

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  spahievi <spahievi at vega.bg> wrote:
> 31.10.2000, 09:56:23, rerwig at my-deja.com wrote:
> rmdc>
> rmdc> Robin,
> rmdc> I confess: I didn't.
> rmdc> I just followed the links and think the OpenGL upgrade presents
> rmdc> problem.
> rmdc> WinSock might be a problem as I use currently a company sock
> rmdc> installation. I can't currently judge about that.
> rmdc> The help file viewer is definitly out of the question as it
> rmdc> installation of IE: not my personal preference, besides that not
> NOT TRUE. I use HTMLHELP workshop on NT4 SP3 without IE4 or IE5

Are you sure about that?  The help viewer uses the WebBrowser COM
control to display the content, so you've probably got IE hidden
somewhere on your system otherwise the viewer wouldn't work.  (IE
is just a shell around this COM control.)  IIRC, it may have been
installed as part of SP3...

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