Problems w/mingw32

kdahlhaus at kdahlhaus at
Fri Nov 10 19:24:50 CET 2000


After creating an import lib for Python 16 via Robert Kern's notes, I'm
still having trouble compiling an extension.  It appears that the
mingw32 libs are looking to link to a WinMain.  Can anyone shed
somelight on this? Thanks!

Here's the output:

gcc -ID:\\Python16\\include  -c spammodule.c -o spammodule.o
dllwrap  --dllname spam.pyd --driver-name gcc --def spam.def -o
spam.pyd \
        spammodule.o -s --entry _DllMain at 12 --target=i386-ming32 \
        -LD:/Pylibs/mingtools  -lpython16
ingw32msvc\lib\libmingw32.a(main.o)(.text+0x8e): undefined reference to
dllwrap: gcc exited with status 1
make: *** [spam.pyd] Error 1

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