Python mailing list/usenet bridge.

Simon B. sbrunning at
Mon Nov 27 10:35:32 CET 2000

The Python mailing list/usenet bridge seems to be down at the moment,
and has been since last Wednesday. Any have any idea who to contact in
order to get this sorted?

Currently, my only usable access to the list is via email. My company's
ISP doesn't provide usenet any more - we have cancelled our contract,
and we'll be using another ISP as of January. But until then...

And *don't* talk to me about deja! All of a sudden, *that* isn't
working properly any more, either!

BTW, please reply to me directly - I know that it's usually bad form to
ask, but in this case not being able to get at the forum is the whole

Simon Brunning.
A logician trying to explain logic to a programmer is like a cat trying
to explain to a fish what it's like to get wet.

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