Borland CBuilder (4.0 & 5.0)

RCS r-stadhe at
Mon Nov 13 23:13:28 CET 2000

I agree with you, although Pascal was one of my first programming languages,
it's not my favourite language either. But the link to look
good (when they post some of their files, for now it seems empty?).


Nick Trout <nick at videosystem dot co dot uk> wrote in message
news:3a102b70 at

> Have a look at:
> Its the patches necessary to compile Python with Borland.
> I have a VCL wrapper for Python as well. I can't remember where it came
> (its in Delphi though.... grrr why must people use Pascal!!!). Anyway,
> to this if you would like be to post it to you. I'd better not post it on
> this board.
> N

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