Precise timing in Python?

Bror Johansson bror.johansson at
Thu Nov 16 13:39:47 CET 2000

Paul Winkler wrote in message <3A13B155.2E5FC2FB at>...


>One approach that's occurred to me is to write your scheduling system
>in C, run it at high priority, and communicate with it via pipes from
>a lower-priority python script.
>If the events you need to schedule aren't too complicated, this might
>work really nicely without too much trouble.

That seems like a thing worth trying. Thank you for the suggestion.
Python on VxWorks (or QNX) was - and is - my primary approach, but Python on
Linux might be possible.

What concerned me most was how Python's virtual machine can adapt to a Real
Time situation. I now have got some enlightenment on that.

Regarding the application I have in mind: it's not avionics, just to test

Thank you all
Bror Johansson

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