Get entire web page?

Thomas A. Bryan tbryan at
Wed Nov 8 12:29:21 CET 2000

What does this button do? wrote:
> In article <8u01o1$jdv$1 at>,
>   Whatdoesthisbuttondo? <fuzzydice at> wrote:
> > I'm trying to write a script so that I can do a throughput test for a
> > firewall/proxy.  I know how to grab the text of a page, what I'm not
> .snip.
> Thanks for the followups.  I've come to realize my python'ing
> limitations and will work on this as a learning project.  For the short
> term I'll probably wire a few utils together to get some data.
> When I do get something passable I'll throw it out to the community for
> heckling, constructive feedback
> :)

Did you notice Tools/webchecker/ in the standard 
Python distribution.  It can suck down mulitple pages for one 
site.  I often use it to grab multi-page documents off of the 
web for local reading.  I don't remember whether it correctly 
grabs the image files too.  If you'd like to use this problem 
as a learning experience, you might be interested in at least 
looking at


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