Borland CBuilder (4.0 & 5.0)

Nick Trout nickatvideosystemdotcodotuk
Mon Nov 13 18:56:08 CET 2000

"Rolf C Stadheim" <r-stadhe at> wrote in message
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> My main tool for C++ development is Borland C++ Builder (now 4.0, and a
> little later, 5.0), and Python has grown to be among my top 3 most
> programming tools.
> It is therefore a constant "itch" to be able to integrate these two tools,
> but I have not seen any articles, or any libraries ( for downloading ) to
> accomplish this.
> I know that the amount of compilers Python must support on all platforms
> formidable, so supporting two compilers on the Windows platforms
> is maybe a luxury.
> But is there anyone that has any experience doing this (both embedding and
> extending Python), or have any pointers to articles/manuals for this?

Have a look at:
Its the patches necessary to compile Python with Borland.

I have a VCL wrapper for Python as well. I can't remember where it came from
(its in Delphi though.... grrr why must people use Pascal!!!). Anyway, reply
to this if you would like be to post it to you. I'd better not post it on
this board.


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