Red/Green Bars

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Wed Nov 8 07:21:23 CET 2000

Butch Landingin wrote:
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> wrote:
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> > That doesn't really make sense in context, but thanks for the
> > informative answer, Peter. :)
> Nice try, Peter, but it ain't even close :^)

I didn't think so. :)

> The red/green bar the original poster was referring is an XP
> unit testing program know as SUnit or Junit -- there are variations
> of it in Smalltalk (original SUnit), Java (JUnit) and even
> Python(PyUnit) and in many other languages.
> This is the first time I've seen it referred to as a green/red bar
> but I'd guess that its called that way because the GUI version ...

Thanks for the reference, Butch.  Obviously I didn't know what such
a beastie was, either.  I'm noticing an increasing number of references
to XP.

For those who stuck with this ludicrous thread I spun off: there's a
silly comedy show on Canadian TV called The Red Green Show, starring
'Red Green', a bumbling handy-man-type backwoods Mr. Fixit sort of
fellow who generally solves most household problems by the application
of generous quantities of duct tape.  It used to be funny, too.  Sorry
to distract you all from more important things, such as silly British
comedy shows starring John Cleese...

Peter Hansen

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