Andrew Dalke dalke at
Thu Nov 16 07:39:18 CET 2000

Greg Fortune:
> ummmm, self promotion?  How so?

Because I was pointing out code that I wrote.

> Krister, what exactly are you trying to accomplish with the ping?  What
> kind of results are you trying to store?

To quote from the URL I gave:
:  We've been having network problems and since I wanted to
:know when I could get email again, I wrote "sndping", which
:is a simple wrapper to the standard "ping" command.  All it
:really does is run "ping" (or a ping-like command) and if
:the right text is in an output line, it runs a command.
:  Of course, the defaults are set for my machine (IRIX 6.2)
:to play a sound when every successful packet it received.
:  I took the idea from the Jargon file entry for ping, but
:since I haven't seen it implemented anywhere else, I'm
:posting my copy here.  It ain't much, but it's fun.  You'll
:probably need to tweak it for your system.

It's vaguely related, and kinda cute, so I brought it up.  I really
didn't think it was worth additional justification given that the
link said everything.

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