Date manipulation and Java 'interface' equivalents

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Sun Nov 5 21:40:28 CET 2000

I believe it was once suggested you create an abstract base class that
throws exceptions in each and every member, that way you HAVE to override
each member in your subclass, therefore implementing the interface...

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> Howdy,
> There are two matters for which I would like clarification.
> First of all, I am doing some statistics with a PostgreSQL database,
> and for this I need to manipulate some dates, ie. add a week to this
> date or subtract a month from another. I didn't find any obvious
> candidates for this kind of date math in the library reference. Now,
> _of course_ this can be done in Python rather than forcing me to use
> the DBMS for this, but... erm... how?
> Second question: is there a Python equivalent of Java interfaces? In a
> matter of months I'll be constructing a web based sales and customer
> relations thingy, and a similar feature would really make things
> easier. I haven't decided on the implementation language yet, but
> this is one of the things that make Java more appealing.
> Martin
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