Python for ASP

Arturo Pérez Mulas arturo_perez at
Tue Nov 7 22:50:47 CET 2000


> >1) I want to redirect a page; according to the IIS documentation, the

> Response.Redirect(myUrl)

Thanks! This worked fine!

> >2) I request login to access to my pages via an NT net server. Is the
> >login name stored somewhere in the ASP jungle?
> The login is a user defined on the NT Web Server (or on the domain the
> server is). So to authenticate on it, you need to provide a valid
> login/pwd corresponding to a user in the nt box.

Ok! Let's say a user is properly authenticated by the NT domain server,
and get access to my pages. Is there any way to know what his login
string is?

> >1) Do you now any good resource for ASP programming in python?
> I did some ASP in Python, and I will provide my source as soon as I
> find it showable (the code still consists mostly of atrocious hacks).

Please, let us know when you do!



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