ActivePython 2.0 Release

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Fri Oct 20 11:11:08 CEST 2000

"Dale Strickland-Clark" <dale at> wrote in message
news:634vusk9nco8qem70ddo43t4qpgid30s1l at
> Yes, but how is this better then Python 2.0 + Win32all?

That will depend on what's in win32all build 135, I guess.  Right
now, I can't find it anywhere on ActiveState's site -- it only
seems to have builds up to 134, so far.  If anybody has an URL
for a build-135 to install on top of BeOpen Python 2.0 final, I
would welcome that, of course...

Apart from that, "one-stop-shopping" seems to be what the ActiveState
build has going for it, as they claim themselves:

> >ActiveState is committed to making Python easy to install and use on all
> >major platforms. ActivePython contains the convenience of swift
> >installation, coupled with commonly used modules, providing you with a
> >total package to meets your Python needs. Additionally, for Windows
> >ActivePython provides a suite of Windows tools, developed by Mark

I.e., one download, one install.  They have now added Tkinter too, I
gather from their announcement-page (and, I guess/hope, IDLE as well).

One little plus (from my POV) I noticed in their previous build is
that the docs in the Windows build are in CHM, which I find quite
preferable to bare HTML (built-in index and search, etc), although
there were lots of defects in the .CHM themselves (missing/wrong
indices, etc).


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