Text size in Idle under X11?

Robert Hicks bob at wildthink.com
Sun Oct 8 23:12:28 CEST 2000

Keep looking. I just moved to the Mac so I cannot find it for you. But it is
there I did it on Linux so I know it was not just a Windows thing.

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> Subject: Re: Text size in Idle under X11?
> In article <B6053204.69E%bob at wildthink.com>,
> Robert Hicks <bob at wildthink.com> wrote:
>> You can edit the editor.py  (?) and change the font in idle.
> That particular filename comes up empty on my system.  Per the help in
> Idle I looked at /usr/lib/idle/EditorWindow.py and found this relevant
> frgament:
> if sys.platform[:3] == 'win':
> text['font'] = ("lucida console", 8)
> The if statement leads me to believe this only works in MS Windows as I
> tried changing it and still had the small text size upon the next
> restart of Idle.
> Thanks.
> Next?
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