python logic and AI links

Daniel M. Albro albro at
Thu Oct 5 20:04:12 CEST 2000

You mentioned writing a prolog interpreter -- I haven't put this on a web
page anywhere or anything, although I could if anyone cares, but I have
written  an implementation of Prolog (using the Warren Abstract Machine)
in python.  Not everything possible is there (no I/O or hooks for system
routines, for example), but it would certainly be a start.  If anyone is
interested in it I'll put it up on my web page...

																					- Dan Albro

In article <mailman.970765392.27856.python-list at>, Michal
Wallace <sabren at> wrote:
> It seems there's at least a small handful of logic programming and AI
> modules out there... Anyone interested in tying some of this stuff
> together?
> I've started a sourceforge project for logic programming in python
> (for "python logic and truth objects")..
> There's nothing there yet, but I was thinking about making a simple
> prolog interpreter, plus maybe some generic AI objects..
> Actually, I have two specific projects in mind: a stock trader, and an
> automated therapist (like eliza, but done right..  [see
> ) for some old, mostly random
> thoughts about what it might be like..]

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