Pmw: Slow Dialogs

Horst Gassner horst at
Thu Oct 5 10:14:59 CEST 2000


I had the same problem and got the following answer:

My experiments have shown that this has something to do with
the sequence of function calls in the setgeometryanddeiconify()
function in the file I'm not sure if I have found the
"correct" sequences yet, but I could get rid of the symptoms for
the unix branch by moving the final "window.tkraise()" from the
last line up to just below the "else:".

Not really understanding everything that happens there, I can't
stress enough that this means just treating the symptoms for the
moment. There may be other dependencies that would dictate a
different sequence.

Maybe Greg could comment?


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I tried this and it worked (works) great!
Nice greetings

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