CPython vs. Jython/JPython

Chris Gehlker gehlker at fastq.com
Mon Oct 30 18:07:07 CET 2000

I'm a python newbie but it seems to me that it's already more portable than Java. As I understand it, python runs on BeOS, Amiga and maybe some other platforms that don't have a JVM. And nothing is more portable than C. Maybe if Sun had really worked hard to develop and deploy Swing, I could see an advantage for jpython but as things stand, I can't see where it's useful. Again, I'm a newbie. I'm just asking, not trying to start a flame war.

D-Man wrote:

> Hi.
> This isn't to start a flame war, but to clarify some confusion I have.
> I am wondering why there are two separate python interpreters being developed (the one in C, the other in Java).  Wouldn't it be more productive if both teams worked together on one interpreter?  Another thought I had was that it would be easier to make python cross-platform if it was written in Java and let the Java developers worry about the C-level platform dependencies.  Isn't it also possible to write Java extensions in C?  (read: ... python extensions in C (using the Java interpreter))
> I thank all in advance for your insight into this matter.
> -D

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