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Tue Oct 17 12:32:05 CEST 2000

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>Xander van Es wrote:
>> "Cameron Laird" <claird at> wrote :
>> > Python-LDAP assumes the prior installation of a standard
>> > LDAP software development kit (SDK) (as the README
>> > mentions).  Do you need one, or do you need help in con-
>> > figuration so Python-LDAP finds one you already have?
>> i don't think i have one
>> where can i get an LDAP SDK???
>E.g. OpenLDAP contains one.
>If you built and installed OpenLDAP watch out for e.g. ldap.h,
>lber.h, libldap.a and liblber.a and point the configuration
>parameters of the configure script to the appropriate path names.
>Ciao, Michael.

There are many LDAP SDKs <URL:http://>.
Most of the proprietary implementations will give you at least
an evaluation period on their SDKs, so you can choose quite
freely among them.  However, OpenLDAP is a fine one, and I use
it for most purposes of modest scale.

If you're at the stage of asking, "where can i get an LDAP
SDK???", though, you might be in for a bit of frustration.
You probably have bigger issues to comprehend than locating
<lber.h>.  LDAP involves at least four conceptual models that
might be unfamiliar to you.  While it's not particularly dif-
ficult material, satisfaction with PyLDAP involves quite a
few more steps than, say, NumPy.

Cameron Laird <claird at>

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