question about Pythonwin and memory

Prateep Siamwalla teep at
Tue Oct 17 11:49:14 CEST 2000

Hello python masters out there,

The interactive shell in windows (Pythonwin or IDLE) is great for trying
things/ideas out.  I usually write code/scripts in one window and then
switch over to the interactive shell to poke around with the object I have
created.  On some occasions, either by intention or by accident, I have
gotten the shell to print out lots and lots of text ( something like "for i
in big_list: print i"....woops!!) Anyways, after such a command is run, I
notice the environment slows down drastically.  Is there a way of clearing
some memory/buffer/whatever to get it back up to speed again?  (other than
stopping and restarting Pythonwin of course)

Thanks in advance

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