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> > Funny, these guy don't know french ;-)
> >
> > It's worse on the "consistentness" side
> But better in many ways thanks to many centuries' worth of
> effort by the Academie -- isn't the language itself spelled
> (cedillas apart) Francais (consistently with its pronunciation)
> rather than Francois (as it used to be in the 18th Century)
> thanks to the Academie's 1835 edition of its Dictionary, for
> example?  Despite my rather-libertarian leanings in most
> fields, I can't help thinking that French has been more
> helped than hindered by this specific case of "dirigisme"

Comming from an italian, I take it for a compliment ;-)

But french académie did few interresting things since 1835 :-)

And we now have annual revisions from a governement agency wich dictate
the way we should speak english words in french. Like this infamous
Cédérom for CD-Rom, or mèl for Email.

I think our Quebec cousins do it better.

But I was thinking of consistentness in the grammar and spelling of
words. And this is a real nightmare even for native french speakers like

"Deux choses sont en vastes quantité dans l'univers. L'hydrogène et la
connerie humaine. L'hydrogène est detruit dans le coeur des étoiles."
- inconnu cité par Noelle Adam

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