calldll and python20

Sam Schulenburg samschul at
Wed Oct 18 20:11:54 CEST 2000

Thanks Mark,

As usual you spotted the problem. I forgot to mention that this was Sam
Rushing's CallDll code, and it was writtin in C++.  I added the
extern "C" statment just prior to the initcalldll(void) declaration.

Sam Schulenburg

In article <KybH5.15084$wG1.61792 at>,
  "Mark Hammond" <MarkH at> wrote:
> > __declspec(dllexport) void
> > initcalldll(void)
> Is it C++ code?  Try "extern "C"" before it.
> Also, MSVC comes with a tool "dumpbin.exe" - try "dumpbin /exports
> calldll.pyd"
> Mark.

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