What is Python?

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On Fri, 1 Tim Hammerquist <tim at degree.ath.cx> wrote:
>Martijn Faassen <m.faassen at vet.uu.nl> wrote:
>> Hah (insert evil cackle here), you say this *now*, but you'll find you'll
>> be doing more and more in Python, slowly seduced to the dark side..
>There's a reason Perl is symbolized by the Camel; it was an intentional
>metaphor by the author: it's ugly, it stinks, but it does the job and
>does it well.

Arabs prefer horses. So camel may not be such a good animal, after all.

P.S.: I thought the camel symbol symbolized the ugly face of
Larry Wall.


For Arabians, a horse is a symbol of wealth. They don't use horses for work. Those horses are
from a military inheritance.

If you want to use a horse, then you should take the original farmer's horse, the "Brabants Boerenpaard" (no, this
isn't South African) (difficult to translate)..


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