Win98 2.0b: crash on Help

Kirby Urner urner at
Sun Sep 10 11:19:15 CEST 2000

Hey, many thanks!  I remember reading that now, but didn't make the 
mental connection to opening Help Docs with the Browser (slaps 
forehead -- but yes, of course!).  Turned off my NAV, and yes, all
works smoothly.

Such _interesting_ bugs we get these days.


PS: I'm really liking the new functions in 2.0b BTW -- just wrote 
a little paper about 'em, how to use when teaching pre-calculus 
(the post is around here somewhere).


"Fredrik Lundh" <effbot at> wrote:

>Kirby Urner wrote:
>> In 2.0b IDLE 0.6 under Win98, when I select Help | Python Documentation,
>> I get an amazingly serious crash.  A couple blue screens of death 
>> followed by a switch into some undefined video mode. Have to reboot.
>> This is on an AMD K2 400, 128RAM, Voodoo3 graphics.
>from the 2.0 download page (in ludicrously small print at the bottom
>of the page):
>    Incompatibility warning: Norton Antivirus 2000 can cause blue
>    screen crashes on Windows 98 when a function in the os.popen*()
>    family is invoked. To prevent this problem, disable Norton Antivirus
>    when using Python. (Confirmed on Windows 98 Second Edition with
>    Norton Antivirus version 6.10.20. The same Norton Antivirus version
>    doesn't have this problem on Windows 2000. Norton Antivirus
>    version 5 on Windows 98SE doesn't have this problem either.) 
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