Python frontend to C++ code

Tom nospam at
Sun Sep 3 18:22:37 CEST 2000

One fast prototyping technique for gui development is to use wxPython.  As a
C++ programmer, I've found that wxPython allows me to develop a GUI much
quicker than I ever could in C++.  And, as a bonus, when you are finished
you can convert any or all of it to C++ using the exact same framework.


<s_gherman at> wrote in message news:8osfjo$1ka$1 at
> Hi. I've read in many places that Python is ideal for fast prototyping
> and for building a portable frontend to C/C++ code.
> I am a Python beginner but an experimented C++ programmer and I am
> considering building such a frontend. But I am not sure which are my
> options: I've read about embeding and extending Python (but both seem
> to request quite a lot of wrapping code, which doesn't sound to me
> like "fast prototyping").
> So, I'd like to ask you guys which are my options in this case?
> Thanks in advance,
> Sorin Gherman
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