Is Python worth learning?

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>>>however, the point i tried to make was that python isn't meant to directly
>>>compete with java in all those places java was meant to be The Language(tm),
>>>that python wasn't built to replace java. not to speak for Guido, of course,
>>>but i'd be rather surprised to learn that it was.
>>Given that Python predates Java, that would be impossible unless Guido
>>used his Time Machine.
>			.
>			.
>			.
>... and, in any case, even when he speaks for himself,
>Guido says, "Java and Python: a perfect couple"
A couple of people have already pointed out to me that this URL
404s.  Elsewhere in this thread, Andrew Kuchling observed that
google caches a copy at
<URL:>.  I just got word from Gamelan that the
article moved to <URL:

Gamelan has no intention of repairing all their broken links.
That's what I'm told, at least.  I'm working to locate a contact
with whom we can register our strong disapproval.


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