Who is eating my memory.. ??

Aahz Maruch aahz at panix.com
Thu Sep 21 06:44:27 CEST 2000

In article <ksk8cf161u.fsf at telelogic.com>,
Andrew Markebo  <andrew.markebo at telelogic.com> wrote:
>Basically what it does is that it fetches some info from the web,
>chews it, and puts it on a textlabel in a Tkinter window.. 
>I don't think I have any cyclic data.. 

I don't know Tkinter, but nobody else has responded, so I'll take a shot
at it: I don't think you've got cycles per se, but you certainly have
unreaped references.  I'm guessing that you're overlaying more and
Tkinter objects on your window.  Try replacing the web checker function
with a function that generates random data and running it in a tight
loop; you should be able to see the memory loss fast enough to track it
in a debugger or something.
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