Please explain why python rocks...

Frank Mitchell frankm at
Thu Sep 7 09:14:50 CEST 2000

Darren New wrote in message <39B672F4.C41D9CB5 at>...
>Aahz Maruch wrote:
>> That's assuming you limit yourself to the Micro$oft monoculture.
>There's a version of JavaScript (aka ECMAscript) with an interpreter
>in Java, so it's portable. You can imagine the performance, but if you
>need much, it'll do. It's called FESI, which web searches should find. :-)

There's also Rhino, written in Java as well; it can also script Java
objects, using Netscape's LiveConnect mapping.  No hard numbers on
performance, but it was designed for a small footprint.  You can find it on

(BTW, I worked on upgrading Rhino to LiveConnect 3.0, so I'm not totally


P.S. At the risk of starting a flamewar, I do get miffed when people assume
Java == dog slow.  JVMs are getting faster all the time, and if you really
need speed there are bytecode-to-native compilers out there ... not to
mention JNI for the truly critical sections (taking a page from Python).
And sometimes people say Java is "slow" because they're using a dog-slow
algorithm, or at least don't understand how to use the APIs efficiently.

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