where is upvar

Dirk Heise dheise at debitel.net
Thu Sep 21 22:00:33 CEST 2000

Darren New <dnew at san.rr.com> schrieb im Beitrag <39CA27AC.90630D77 at san.rr.com>...
> Dirk-Ulrich Heise wrote:
> > No, it's by no way natural. It's sick.
> No, it's natural. That's how I did it too. You just make sure the names
> don't clash.
> > I mean, i don't show around that
> > nasty programming language i once invented that can freeze
> > program execution, inspect and modify all variables on the
> > stack and everywhere else including the source code of the
> > callers, and continue running.
> That's called "Smalltalk", isn't it?
> Or was this post scfthi?

No, by far uglier, and unpublished, i mean, it's really not pretty.
Does Smalltalk do something like that? Never heard of such a

And wtf does scfthi mean?

(btw, Stackless would enable similar nastinesses in Python)


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