Pyton 1.6's license

Andrew Kuchling akuchlin at
Sat Sep 9 16:44:58 CEST 2000

Gregor Hoffleit <gregor at> writes:
>   Anyway, if the issue is not settled in the near future, that would more or
>   less automatically mean a fork of Python at some time, a VERY bad thing.

Near future?  Be realistic; given Debian's past glacially slow release
history, I'd expect to see Python 2.1 out before Debian 2.3 is frozen.
The issue of 2.0 license can certainly wait a few weeks for the FSF's
and CNRI's legal advisors to talk.

And it's doubtful a fork of Python would survive; who would work on
it?  The Guile project originally started with the goal of writing a
Scheme interpreter and then writing translators for Python/Perl/Tcl on
top of it; those translators are still non-existent, and Guile itself
isn't very commonly used even by people who like Scheme.


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