zipfile docs out of sync

Pete Shinners pete at
Fri Sep 29 21:11:46 CEST 2000

i've been using the zipfile module recently, and noticed
the documentation for it (both 2.0b1 & 2.0b2) are way
out of sync with the actual code in the module. specifically
the documentation for the zipfile.ZipFile objects.

for example, i cannot find the "TOC" variable.
"A read-only dictionary whose keys are the names in the
archive, and whose values are tuples as follows: "
the listdir() method is also missing?

it appears these have been changed to using
"NameToInfo" and "getinfo" for TOC, and listdir()
has changed to namelist() ??? it's hard to be sure.

i've figured out enough to get what i want working
well behaved, but i thought i'd point it out to those
who can do something about it :]

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