Ordered Dictionaries? Trees?

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> I need a Dictionary who's order is perdictable and/or settable; e.g.
> FIFO/LILO... For instance, if I do: dict['A'] = 1, dict['C'] = 2,
dict['B'] = 3,
> then dict.keys() would return ('A','C','B'), always. :)
> Each value would prolly be another one of these dictionaries, so what
> i'd be doing is setting up a tree-structure. What's the best way to do
> that isn't tooooooo terribly slow? Speed isn't urgent, but hey, i'd rather
> it not become a negative later on as things expand.

Subclass UserDict.  Override __set_item__ to also append the key to an
internal list.  Override keys to return the list.  If you also want to
remove or replace dictionary items, thing become slightly more complicated,
but the same principles apply.

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