2000: A Win32 Oddisey

Tim Peters tim_one at email.msn.com
Sat Sep 23 19:15:27 CEST 2000

> ...
> No SSL support in the binary python2.0b distro for win32.
> ... [and a lot of pain trying to repair that] ...



> ...
> but, my old friend, to give ssl support to python I have to compile
> openssl wich, each time I try to compile it in cygwin, says something
> like: "hey you, motherfucker. Buy that Visual C++ or I won't compile
> ever"

As the link above will reveal to your wondering eyes, having VC wouldn't
have solved your problem either.  SSL support for Windows is currently a
new-feature request:


awaiting a volunteer.

> ...
> Does, for god's sake, anybody have a python2.0b distro compiled
> with SSL support????.

Not that we know of -- but if they do, they should submit a patch!


ssl-sounds-useful-so-i-won't-touch-it<wink>-ly y'rs  - tim

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