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Max Møller Rasmussen maxm at
Thu Sep 28 14:44:43 CEST 2000

From: shindich at [mailto:shindich at]

>Huh? Since when do you need to write separate functions for adding
>numbers and strings in Python? The buty of the language is that you can
>write template-like function easily.
>The following function will do the job:

Shure can, but I was not trying to write clever code, I was trying to teach
a lesson.

My experience from my teaching days has shown me that I don't come across
more clearly by showing the answer as a more complicated example than the
one the student allready had trouble understanding.

If somebody has trouble understanding a problem, split it up in more simple
subproblems, don't show what can be done if you allready understand the

Lecturing'ly yours - Max M

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