JPython status

Daniel Wood daniel at
Wed Sep 27 03:58:32 CEST 2000

I figured something strange might be going on.  Is there no way to get
(as a minimum) a link on to the errata?  Would it be
genuinely helpful to contact CNRI?  (Anyone in particular?)  All I can
say is that I downloaded JPython, had some problems, subscribed to the
mailing list, learned of the errata and downloaded them.  This seemed


"Tim Peters" <tim_one at> writes:

> [Daniel Wood]
> > An out-of-date web site with an old version of JPython at
> > plus bug fixes and enhancements at an entirely separate location that
> > you learn about after you start reading the JPython mailing list seems
> > slightly confusing.  Although it's a good way to ensure that JPython
> > doesn't suffer from "excessive" popularity.
> You might want to point that out to CNRI!  If they'd *let* us resume
> JPython(TM)(*) development, we'd love to.
> (*) JPython(TM) is a pending trademark of CNRI.
>     serial number 75835872

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