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> I believed for years that "object evolution" is a useful and elegant concept. 
> Only a month ago I started learning Python and soon realized how easy it 
> would be to implement. That's my current solution:
> def transmogrify(x, y):
> # Exchanges the properties of instances x and y.
> # The identity of x and y remain the same. But their 
> # class membership and all their attributes get exchanged. 
>   h = x.__dict__
>   x.__dict__ = y.__dict__
>   y.__dict__ = h
>   h = x.__class__
>   x.__class__ = y.__class__
>   y.__class__ = h
> Key is to exchange the objects' dictionaries also, not only class membership. 
That's a lot of lines of code :-).  How about

def transmogrify(x, y):
  x.__dict__, x.__class__ = y.__dict__, y.__class__

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