Python 1.6 and Emacs 20.3 on Win98

roger day rday at
Fri Sep 8 12:54:22 CEST 2000

In python mode, doing ctrl-c ctrl-c compiles the buffer (containing TK just to add to it), and the program runs, displaying a few buttons etc. When I exit the TK window, Emacs has locked-up and I have to kill 
the emacs process and start again (although I have had to re-boot a couple of times as well).

Python 1.5.2 under the same conditions used to stop me from editing the Emacs buffer, so I guess the problem could be the interaction btn Python (and/or Tk?) and Emacs, but I'm not much of an expert on either.

It might be a wierd set-up interaction, but I'm unsure.

I'm considering the pain of upgrading all elements to the latest version from scratch, but was wondering if anyone was suffering in the same way for Python 2.0? Or if anyone could point to a fix, please?


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