Regular Expression problem

Mike Fletcher mfletch at
Fri Sep 15 04:48:54 CEST 2000

>>> re.sub( r's(\w+)' , r'sGreatRegex\1', 'thisStuff')

Note the use of the string regex definition for the re.sub function.
Compiled regex objects also have .sub methods, which, of course, don't need
to re-specify the regex string.


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Greetings. I am posting this in the hope that it will somehow end up on
I am using Python2b and can't get over the following RE problem:

myregexx = re.compile(r'Table Name(\W+)', re.IGNORECASE)
ssss = re.sub( myregexx , r'."""\nclass \1 (base_class):\n"""', ttt)

I basically want to re-use the word matched with (\W+) as part of the
output. In Perl, I'd use the $1 variable.
In Perl, I'd use the $1 variable. My initial understanding was that \1 is
the Py equivalent.
But since this obviously doesn't seem to be the case, and re-reading the
on-line docs for the 100th time doesn't seem to help anymore, could somebody
put me on the right track here.



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