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Tue Sep 5 17:36:06 CEST 2000

Sorry I only seem to have half of this thread??!! Is there somewhere I could
retrieve the whole thread? Damn: all these great answers and I cant read my
own thread!! :-)

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> Andrew Kuchling  <akuchlin at> wrote:
> >Geoff Talvola <gtalvola at> writes:
> >> I too tried out Zope and found myself overwhelmed by all of the new
concepts I'd
> >> have to learn.  I don't want to have to learn and use DTML.  I don't
want to
> >> store everything in an object database -- I want to use a regular
source control
> >> system.  I don't want to have to figure out ZClasses, Products,
Versions, etc.
> >> I don't need through-the-web administration.  I just want a nice way to
write a
> >> web application as a Python application.  Zope is a _very_ ambitious
system, and

Why dont you just use Medusa then? This is the core of ZServer on which Zope
is built. You can get it from Nightmare software.

> >Quixote, so named because writing Yet Another web devel. environment
> >is certainly tilting at a windmill, and using the ZODB to store
> >objects.  (And the ZODB works well so far; my hidden agenda is to
> >encourage more people to use the ZODB, as we do, so that there are
> >more users of it and more tools written for it.  Even if Zope itself
> >isn't applicable to a given task, the ZODB might well be.)

Is ZODB efficient?

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