Colorized HTML from Python source

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Tue Sep 26 18:41:28 CEST 2000

>> I know I've seen several sites with very nicely colorized Python source
>> code.  They all seem to be using the same engine to do this, but I can't
>> seem to track it down.  Is there a standard utility for reading Python
>> source and producing a spiffy colorized HTML version?
>As an unabashed and incurable Vim bigot, I must point out that Vim lets you
>define whatever highlighting you want.  Then you can choose Syntax->Convert
>to HTML to get an HTML version of your file with the same highlighting.

As an unabashed and incurable Vim bigot, I would be extremely interested
in the specifics of how to do what you are describing.  I have not used
syntax highlighting very much...


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