Any suggestions?

Jon Ribbens jon+python-list at
Mon Sep 25 17:55:49 CEST 2000

Gary Pennington <Gary.Pennington at> wrote:
> Did you repeat the test a number of times to ensure disk cache was warm?


> I used strace to try and see what the differences were and found that test1
> made 25607 system calls during testing whilst test2 made 13643 calls, ie test2
> required the system to perform about half the work.

Ah. I did a ktrace and I got 963 calls to 'break' with the append, and
an amazing 5,199 calls with 'map'. Without inspecting the source I can't
begin to imagine why there is such a large difference.

> I suppose this shows that different platforms will yield different results,
> I'd stick to using map as it *SHOULD* be faster on most computers and is
> cleaner code. I'd be interested to know what environment you measured your
> tests in.

OpenBSD 2.7. It uses UVM from NetBSD nowadays I think.



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