David root at
Sat Sep 23 22:06:21 CEST 2000

Is there any reason the XML sig has chosen to make it so f****g difficult
to install the XML package?
I go look through the sig archives, and I see dozens of people asking how
to install the package, and *no answers* to those people.  I go crawling
through the website looking for a FAQ or How-To, and *no answers*.  I
download the package and the instructions are inadequate and apparently
Is this some sort of special old-boys club, where only the 3l33T H4X0R
D00DZ get to play?
Are y'all aware that the XML How-To doesn't jive, in the least little bit,
with the XML package included with Python 2.0b?  That the Python 2.0b XML
documentation is utterly useless?  That the modules themselves contain no
useful commentary?
Maybe I've been spoiled.  I've become pretty used to plug-n-play Python
packages.  wxWindows is a great example: download the appropriate install,
double-click and shazam!, I've got a decent demo, good documentation,
plenty of examples.  No dinking around with setup, no need to blow several
hundred dollars on a C++ compiler that I don't want, no shouting into the
void that is the sig mailing list.
It's become extremely frustrating and deeply frustrating, and judging by
the posts in the archives, I'm not alone.
Why?  Why is the XML group making it so damn difficult?

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