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Mon Sep 25 15:40:46 CEST 2000

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Gregory Edigarov  <greg at> wrote:
>I am completely new to python, but I want to learn it...
>I'm just wondering about what sort of problems does it address?
>Is it similar in scope to perl, but with more C-like syntax?
>Or it has completely different one?
>Sending examples of programs is also welcome.
Python is a wonderful language for quite a broad
range of application development <URL:http://>.

People often compare Perl and Python.  I argue
that, yes, it is correct to judge them similar
in scope.  Some people find this misleading.
Python has *wider* applicability than Perl.

Many people regard Perl's syntax as "more C-like"
than Python's.

You will find a visit to <URL:>
rewarding.  Good answers to, "What is Python?",
"Where can I read example Python programs", and
many other questions appear there.

Cameron Laird <claird at>

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