Is there a more elegant way to do this?

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Thu Sep 14 01:56:54 CEST 2000

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> Here's the problem:
> I have a list of counters that will have a wide variety of different
> in them.  At intervals while the program runs, I will print out the
> of the counters with the five largest counts.  The counters are in a
> identified below as self.counters.  Here's my inelegant way of doing

If you are willing to use Numeric you'll get a lot of what you want
for "free":

    def runningReport(self,num=5):
        order = argsort(self.counters)[-num:].tolist()

        return order

That's not the prettiest code, but it should be pretty fast.  argsort()
is truly a wonderful thing. (Don't forget the 'from Numeric import *'

If you switch completely to Numeric, you can skip the conversions to
a list, which should produce another speedup.

Further use of Numeric features leads to:

    def runningReport(self,num=5):
        return argsort(self.counters)[-1:-(num+1):-1].tolist()

but that's maybe a bit *too* perliffic.


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