Please explain why python rocks...

nemir nemir.remove at
Thu Sep 7 05:01:57 CEST 2000

gchiaramonte at (Gene C) wrote in <1Eot5.27226$C42.1208445>:

>Why not work through the python tutorial or get a copy of teach yourself
>python and try it for yourself?

As it turns out,  I now have my own copy of this book,  and I am beginning 
to read through it.   I wanted to have less investment in any language 
until after I had decided which to start with.  

>I noticed you didn't mention visual basic. Any reason why?

Partly because I have heard pretty bad things about what it can accomplish,  
about how neat it isn't, about how it uses resources, about how much work 
it is.

Partly because I personally believe that the only reason VB still exists is 
that it is a personal agenda off Bill Gates' to force the community to 
continue using the product which gave him his first break in the business.

But really,  if you want the whole truth, it was pretty much because I just 
didn't think of it.   ;)

Thanks for your input.


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