Python advocacy for device testing?

John Q. Public at
Wed Sep 27 04:53:10 CEST 2000

The company for which I work uses python for performing automating out
qualification testing of avionics systems (for both the FAA and others).
We have found it to be very easy for non-programmers to learn and extend
for interfacing with our hardware and test equipment.  The object
orientation also makes it easy to perform a series of tests over a group of
systems (wither hardware or software):

for Device in List_Of_Devices:
    Results = Do_The_Test (Device)

We can also journal the output of the tests and verify that they were
properly executed (for verifying regression tests as well as for proof of
the test).

Jonathan Polley

redhouse at wrote:

> So I am a python newbie. I have done a week or two of working through
> exercises and read most of "Learning Python." I am trying to sell it as
> a testing infrastructure language in my test automation group. Does
> anybody have any experience in this arena? The goal is to create a
> testing infrastructure for an optical networking product.
> The prime competition is TCL, of which I am not a big fan.
> Has anybody out there used python in this sort of application? Have you
> used it to interface with network testing equipment to do things like
> load testing and impairment?
> Thanks-
>    Carter
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