Python 2.0 naive question

Tim Peters tim_one at
Fri Sep 22 21:28:57 CEST 2000

[Fredrik Lundh]
> ...
> (and based on bug reports, I'd say you're more likely to find your-
> self on a Windows 98 box with Norton Antivirus 2000 version 6.10.20
> than on a box with multiple misconfigured Python installations ;-)

/F, you're a peach!  (That's a compliment, btw -- to a Swede I suppose
peaches may look like large gallstones or something <wink>)

Most of the Win98 vs NAV2000 crashes reported were due to using IDLE's
Help -> Python Documentation menu entry.  2.0b2 will contain a new
Windows-specific os.startfile(filepath) function (that acts on a file the
same way as double-clicking on it in Explorer), and IDLE will use that
instead to launch the docs, and that lives peacefully with NAV.

Trying to use any of the os.popen* functions on Win98 when NAV 6.10.20
auto-protect is running will, alas, continue to blue-screen the machine and
cause a hard system freeze.  This is also true of any C program that happens
to call the MS _popen library routine.  Symantec has been given all the
info, but so far hasn't had a useful suggestion (other than that users buy
NAV 2001!).

software-is-such-a-delight-ly y'rs  - tim

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