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  poparosa at aol.com (Poparosa) wrote:
> Anyone,
>    What is the best way (what are my options)
> to draw simple line graphs using python?  I need
> to hit a mySQL database, get some data values,
> and display these on a graph to a web browser.
>    I have heard that PIDDLE works well, but I am
> looking for options and opinions.

Piddle will, indeed, do what you want.  If you are looking for line
graph functionality, then you may want to look at Graphite
(graphite.sourceforge.net), which is set up specifically to do graphs
using Piddle as its rendering engine.  Graphite has ambitious goals,
which it has a ways to go to meet, but it is already able to do a lot
with 2D graphing.

Hope this helps,

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