Python as plug-in in Mozilla

Thomas Weholt thomas at
Mon Sep 4 13:51:46 CEST 2000

"Neil Hodgson" <neilh at> wrote in message
news:VfLs5.29191$Xg.201255 at
> Thomas Weholt wrote:
> > Is it possible to use python-scripts as plug-ins in Mozilla? How could I
> > write a script so that a menu-choice appear when I right-click on a link
> and
> > process that link in my python-script?`
>    It is not currently easy to execute Python scripts within Mozilla.
> ActiveState have said they are working on some related functionality:
>    You could write a plugin in C++ that encapsulates the Python
> and runs your code.

Ah, crap!! Perhaps somebody with sufficient C++ knowledge could write a
generic plug-in for Python-scripts, so that python-scripts supporting a
defined interface or API, could be listed under a menu-option in the
right-click menu, and take the url as argument or something. This shouldn't
be that hard for a real hacker ( I'm telling you I'm not man enough for this
task ;-> ).

Any up to it ? I would do it but I haven't got a single clue about C++, not
at embedding in stuff like these etc. at least.


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