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Wed Sep 13 17:42:25 CEST 2000

Steve Holden wrote in comp.lang.python:
> However, nobody has yet explained to me how we are going to reach the
> anarchistic/socialistic Utopia where we can manage to live while donating
> all our software to the world.

Companies will need software. They can get part of that from the existing
free software, and they'll have to pay programmers to add the specific
things they need. If there ever is a time that no-one wants to pay for
software development anymore, that's when the profession of programmer is

That's the theory anyway, afaik. Where that leaves normal people who just
want a cool game to play is unclear.

> > which-is-why-richard-stallman-insists-we-call-'linux'
> >    -'the-gnu/linux-system'-<<fat chance>>-ly y'rs,
> > 
> Well, he can insist all he likes.  Stallman is to be admired for many
> things, including his long-term promotion if the free software ideal
> which has indirectly led to a hiuge amount of open-source software
> becoming (pretty) freely available.  I suspect he's being unrealistic
> in that insistence.
> At the same time, I think most people involved with Linux are aware
> that Stallman's (and the FSF's) contributions have been large.

I'm building a "Linux from scratch" system (
Compile *everything* from source packages. I think there are approx 70
packages for a real basic system, of which about 50 are from,
and of which 1 is the kernel.

I'm starting to say GNU/Linux now.

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